welcome to delicious coffee

At cf&co, we drink a LOT of coffee – some good, some bad. So we decided that we needed to find our own coffee that we could drink every day AND be confident enough to offer to our guests and friends.

Welcome to our virtual café – where you can choose from one of our premium blends – in K-Cups, whole bean, or ground. At the end of the day, if you only remember three things about us, it’s this: we love great art, we love good coffee and we love our collectors.

Sip. Relax. Repeat

the art of coffee

At cf&co, everything we do begins with the art - and our coffee follows this tradition. Beginning with the bags themselves - the labels are actual designs from original works re-imagined to convey our coffee styles.

Roasted exclusively for cf&co, these coffees bring back the magnificent qualities of one of the world’s oldest blends. Today we achieve wonderfully balanced, ultra-smooth, bright coffees from high-grown Peruvian and Burundian beans for a taste that’s super clean.

The “Big Cup Of Joe” is a medium roast, so drinkable that many "cream-in-their-coffee" drinkers enjoy it naked. The “Eye Opener” delivers a delightful, smoky, earthy blend that’s very low in acid but delivers a bold flavor with every sip. Whatever you choose, you’ll not only be drinking amazing coffee, but you’ll also be supporting organizations like A Precious Child with cf&co’s 25% commitment to giving back to our local communities.

Look at you go!

doing good

Most of us drink coffee every day. When you purchase your coffee from cf&co, you know you are helping someone else who needs a little extra.

Our subscription services make it easy to not only get your coffee every month but also continues to support others.

good earth

At cf&co, we know we have a responsibility to the planet.  That’s why we insist on eco-friendly products with recyclable packaging and a unique K-Cups design that further minimizes waste.

good ideas

Single-serve coffee was created for convenience and to give great coffee flavor without having to brew a whole pot. However,  the taste never lived up to the expectations, and rapid brewing left behind the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

No more. Our non-plastic K-cups create a fresher flavor and aroma that plastic containers can’t match.